Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXSocket::SendTo Method

Sends a buffer asynchronously on UDP sockets to a specific address; that is, performs an overlapped sendto operation.

  IFWXIOBuffer *pIOBuffer,
  SOCKADDR *Address,
  INT AddressLength,
  IFWXIOCompletion *pIFWXIOCompletion,
  UserContextType UserData


[in] Pointer to the buffer to send.
[in] When calling this method on an external socket, this sockaddr structure should contain the target address for a UDP datagram. When calling this method on an internal socket, this parameter should contain the address of the datagram source. This is typically the Internet address from which the pIOBuffer packet originated. That is, the internal socket is associated with the Internet address of the pIOBuffer packet.
[in] Length, in bytes, of the Address parameter.
[in] Pointer to an IFWXIOCompletion interface that is notified when the send operation is completed. Set this parameter to NULL if notification is not required.
[in] An opaque value to pass to the IFWXIOCompletion::CompleteAsyncIO notification method. This parameter provides a context to the notification.


To receive a notification when the sendto operation is completed, specify a IFWXIOCompletion interface pointer in the pIFWXIOCompletion parameter.