Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXConnection::SetBufferSize Method

Sets the buffer size for a connection.

HRESULT SetBufferSize(
  DWORD BufferSize


[in] Buffer size to be used for this connection.

Return Values

The method succeeded.
Invalid value was passed to the method.


This method allows you to modify the buffer size for a connection. By default, the service uses buffers of 4096 bytes for UDP and 2048 for TCP. UDP datagrams larger than the default buffer size are dropped by the service. Use this function to set a larger buffer size for protocols that use packets larger than 4096 bytes.

For TCP, the buffer size is used for optimization. In general, it should not be modified. For UDP, datagrams larger than the buffer size can be dropped. If the filter determines that larger datagrams can be transmitted, it should set the buffer accordingly.