Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXFilterAdmin::UninstallFilter Method

Removes the filter registration from the ISA configuration.

HRESULT UninstallFilter(
  REFCLSID guidFilter,
  FwxScope Scope


[in] CLSID of the IFWXFilter object to uninstall.
[in] The scope of the filter object, either array or enterprise, as a value from the FwxScope enumerated type. This parameter cannot be set to fwx_EnterpriseScope for a stand-alone server or for ISA Server Standard Edition.


Use this method in an uninstall procedure.

On an array, ISA keeps a list of the servers for which InstallFilter was called. UninstallFilter removes the current server from that list. The filter object will be removed only when when the call to UninstallFilter causes the list to be empty.