Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXFilterAdmin::GetFilterParameterSet Method

Gets an interface that provides access to the filter's private configuration parameter set.

HRESULT GetFilterParameterSet(
  REFCLSID guidFilter,
  FwxScope Scope,
  IFPCVendorParametersSet **ppParameterSet


[in] CLSID of the IFWXFilter object for which the parameter set is required.
[in] The scope of the filter object, either array or enterprise, as a value from the FwxScope enumerated type. The value fwx_DefaultScope can be used by Get operations to retrieve the object scope that is appropriate for the current configuration. This parameter cannot be set to fwx_EnterpriseScope for a stand-alone server or for ISA Server Standard Edition.
[out] Address of a variable that receives the interface pointer to the parameter set.


This method gets a parameters set (from the parameters sets collection) with the same GUID as the filter GUID.

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