Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

IFWXFilterAdmin::RegisterProtocolForFilter Method

Registers a protocol controlled by a given filter. A registered protocol will appear in ISA Management.

HRESULT RegisterProtocolForFilter(
  REFCLSID guidFilter,
  REFGUID guidProtocol,
  LPCSTR szProtocolName,
  LPCSTR szDescription,
  LPCSTR Reserved,
  FwxScope Scope


[in] CLSID of an IFWXFilter object. Each registered protocol is associated with an IFWXFilter object and is valid only when that filter is installed.
[in] GUID that will be used for uniquely identifying the protocol.
[in] Pointer to the name of the protocol as it is to appear in ISA Management.
[in] Pointer to the description text for the protocol.
Reserved for future use. Passes a null string.
[in] The scope of the filter object, either array or enterprise, as a value from the FwxScope enumerated type. This parameter cannot be set to fwx_EnterpriseScope for a stand-alone server or for ISA Server Standard Edition.

Return Values

The protocol was installed, and the filter for guidFilter is properly installed.
The protocol is already defined.
Error code
The protocol registration failed.


Protocols can be recognized directly by the Firewall service, or the filter can control the service's recognition of the protocol. The advantage of filter control of protocol recognition is that a filter can recognize which protocol is associated with a secondary connection, whereas the Firewall service cannot do so independently.

See Also

IFWXConnection::SetProtocol, IFWXSession::AccessCheck