Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Add a Destination Set

The following portion of Visual Basic code adds a new destination set called "Sports Sites", including the site "", to the destination sets collection:

Dim objFPC As New FPCLib.FPC
' declare the destination sets collection
Dim MyFPCDestinationSets As FPCDestinationSets
' declare the destination set collection
Dim MyFPCDestinationSet As FPCDestinationSet
' declare the destination object
Dim MyFPCDestination As FPCDestination
' set the destination sets to current array
Set MyFPCDestinationSets = objFPC.Arrays.GetContainingArray.PolicyElements.DestinationSets
' add a new set to the collection
Set MyFPCDestinationSet = MyFPCDestinationSets.Add("Sports Sites")
' add a new destination to the set
Set MyFPCDestination = MyFPCDestinationSet.Add("")
' save your changes

Note that the additional destination set will not be saved to persistent storage until the last line of code, where the Save method is called.

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