Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Restarting Services after Configuration Changes

Many configurations changes that you make require the restarting of the Firewall service and/or the W3proxy (Web proxy) service. If you make a change by using a script, your script can use the FPCArray.SendRestartNotification method to stop and start the relevant service. Otherwise, the service can be stopped and started through ISA Management, as described in the ISA Server documentation.

The following table summarizes the requirements.

Action Service to be restarted
Adding, removing, enabling or disabling an application filter Firewall service
Reducing or increasing cache size W3proxy service
Adding or removing a disk from the cache W3proxy service
Changing the LAT so that the Network Interface Card (NIC) internal/external state changes Firewall and W3proxy services
Enabling and disabling of packet filtering Firewall and W3proxy services
Enabling or disabling a NIC Firewall and W3proxy services
Changing the IP address of a NIC Firewall and W3proxy services
Making changes to the routing table Firewall service
Changing Web filter configuration W3proxy service
Changing the port numbers on which the W3proxy service listens W3proxy service
Updating SSL certificates W3proxyservice