Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Collection Methods and Properties

All objects that are a part of a collection have a similar set of methods and properties, which are all or a combination of the following.

Method Description
Save Saves all the objects within the collection to persistent storage. Modifications made to the collection will not be saved until after this method is called.

The Save method is recursive, so calling the Save method of the collection will save every object within the collection.

Refresh Reads the latest saved configuration settings from persistent storage and applies them to the object collection. The Refresh method does not check whether there are any unsaved changes made to the objects, so all changes made after the last Save method call will be lost. The Refresh method is useful when you want to cancel changes that have been made but not yet saved with the Save method.
Add Adds an object to the collection, and returns a reference to the newly created object. This method takes a string parameter that identifies the new object. The string parameter can be used later to retrieve the object by using the Item method.

To save this new object to persistent storage, call the Save method.

Remove Removes an object from the collection. This method takes a string parameter or index of the object to be removed from the collection.
Item Returns the given object from the collection. This method retrieves an object by an index that is an integer value. It may also retrieve the object by using the name of the object, which is a string value.

Property Description
Count Returns an integer value of the number of objects in the collection.
VendorParametersSets Retrieves a reference to an object for storing and loading of custom data into the collection's storage. The VendorParametersSets property is designed to integrate third-party extensions into ISA Server.

While most collections of objects work in the same way, see individual collection reference pages for particular descriptions.

Note  With Visual C++, you can browse a collection to find a particular item by using the _NewEnum property or the Item method. ISA collections include the _NewEnum property and the Item method. The Item method is described in the ISA Server SDK reference. For more information about _NewEnum, see the ISA Server SDK msfpccom.idl file.

In Visual Basic, you do not need to use the _NewEnum property, because it is automatically used in the implementation of For Each ... Next.