Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 SDK

About Persistence

ISA Server 2004 provides a persistence mechanism that enables you to export configuration properties to an .xml file, and to import the properties from a saved .xml file. This is done using the properties and methods of the FPCPersist object, which are also available on any ISA Server administration COM object that inherits from it. Using FPCPersist, you can import and export configuration properties, and have flexibility as to what elements are imported and exported.

You can use the persistence mechanism as a means of backing up your configuration from an array, server, or lower-level object and restoring it when necessary. You can also use persistence to copy a configuration from an array, server, or lower-level ISA Server 2004 object to another computer.

When you import a configuration, you must ascertain that the hierarchy of the imported material matches that of the objects to which you are importing the information. You cannot import array-level information to the server level. Similarly, you cannot import optional data to your configuration if that data was not exported.

The FPCPersistSink object provides the Progress method for handling progress events.