Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 SDK

Administration Object Error Codes

The following are the COM object warning (WRN) and error (ERR) codes, defined in FpcErrorCodes.h.

Symbolic name Code Message ID Message text
S_FPCLOG_BAD_COLUMN_SELECTION FPC_WRN(0x200) 0xC0040200 For SQL (ODBC) logging, the date field must be selected..
S_FPC_ALERTSRV_ALERT_NOT_FOUND FPC_WRN(0x201) 0xC0040201 The specified alert was not found.
S_FPC_SERVICE_INACCESSIBLE FPC_WRN(0x202) 0xC0040202 The service is inaccessible.
E_FPC_CERTIFICATE_NOT_INSTALLED FPC_ERR(0x300) 0xC0040300 The specified certificate cannot be located.
E_FPC_CROSS_PRIORITY_BOUNDARY FPC_ERR(0x301) 0xC0040301 A Web application filter can be moved only into the positions of filters that have the same priority.
E_FPC_DEST_NOT_IP FPC_ERR(0x302) 0xC0040302 This destination object is not defined using an IP address.
E_FPC_NO_STORAGE FPC_ERR(0x303) 0xC0040303 The object does not have persistent storage. Save the parent object first.
E_FPC_OBJECT_INVALID FPC_ERR(0x304) 0xC0040304 The object is not valid.
E_FPC_STRING_BAD FPC_ERR(0x305) 0xC0040305 The string is empty or invalid.
E_FPC_EVENT_NOT_DEFINED FPC_ERR(0x306) 0xC0040306 The GUID of the alert cannot be found in the Events collection.
E_FPC_NON_REMOVAL_EVENT FPC_ERR(0x307) 0xC0040307 ISA Server predefined events cannot be removed.
E_FPC_ALERT_KEY_INVALID FPC_ERR(0x308) 0xC0040308 The additional key is out of range.
E_FPC_CANNOT_DEL_DEFAULT_RULE FPC_ERR(0x309) 0xC0040309 The default rule cannot be removed.
E_FPC_CANNOT_MOVE_DEFAULT_RULE FPC_ERR(0x30A) 0xC004030A The order of execution for the default rule cannot be modified. It will always be executed last.
E_FPC_CORRUPTED_OBJECT_DATA FPC_ERR(0x30B) 0xC004030B The object's data is corrupted.
E_DOMAIN_CANT_BE_IP_ADDR FPC_ERR(0x30C) 0xC004030C An IP address cannot be used for a domain name.
E_FPC_QUERY_BUFFER_FULL FPC_ERR(0x30D) 0xC004030D There are too many records in the query result.
E_FPC_THRESHOLD_OUT_OF_RANGE FPC_ERR(0x30E) 0xC004030E The threshold range should be between 1 and 65535.
E_FPC_OLD_DAILYSUMMARY_VERSION FPC_ERR(0x30F) 0xC004030F The Dailysum.exe file is corrupted, or was generated with a previous version of the product. It cannot be used to generate the report.
E_FPC_INVALID_SERVER_NAME FPC_ERR(0x310) 0xC0040310 The server name has not been specified or is invalid. Enter a valid server name.
E_FPC_STRING_CONTAINS_INVALID_CHARACTERS FPC_ERR(0x311) 0xC0040311 The server name contains invalid characters. Enter a valid server name.
E_FPC_EMPTY_STRING FPC_ERR(0x312) 0xC0040312 The string is empty or invalid.
E_FPC_VALUE_TOO_LARGE FPC_ERR(0x313) 0xC0040313 The value is larger than the maximum allowed value.
E_FPC_VALUE_TOO_SMALL FPC_ERR(0x314) 0xC0040314 The value is smaller than the minimum allowed value.
E_FPC_COMPONENT_NOT_INSTALLED FPC_ERR(0x315) 0xC0040315 The ISA Server component is not installed.
E_FPC_BAD_IP_FORMAT FPC_ERR(0x316) 0xC0040316 You must provide a valid IP address.
E_FPC_IP_FROM_MORE_THAN_TO FPC_ERR(0x317) 0xC0040317 The value of Ip_From must be lower than the value of Ip_To.
E_FPC_IP_PAIR_ALREADY_EXISTS FPC_ERR(0x318) 0xC0040318 This IP range already exists in the list.
E_FPC_ALERT_MUST_HAVE_ACTIONS FPC_ERR(0x319) 0xC0040319 The alert %1 must have at least one action enabled.
E_FPC_DEFAULT_RULE_IS_READ_ONLY FPC_ERR(0x31A) 0xC004031A This property cannot be modified for the default rule.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_IS_READ_ONLY FPC_ERR(0x31B) 0xC004031B The protocol cannot be removed or modified.
E_FPC_ALERT_ALREADY_DEFINED FPC_ERR(0x31C) 0xC004031C An alert with this event, server name, and additional key already exists.
E_FPC_FAILED_TO_READ_DISK_SIZE_AND_TYPE FPC_ERR(0x31D) 0xC004031D The disk size and type properties cannot be read.
E_FPC_EVENT_IN USE FPC_ERR(0x31E) 0xC004031E Event definition %1 cannot be removed because it is used by alert %2.
E_FPC_PNAT_PROTOCOL_NOT_INBOUND FPC_ERR(0x31F) 0xC004031F The protocol specified is not a server (inbound) protocol.
E_FPC_ITEM_IN_USE FPC_ERR(0x320) 0xC0040320 The %1 named "%2" cannot be deleted because it is used in the %3: %4.
E_FPC_LOW_RANGE_MORE_THAN_HIGH_RANGE FPC_ERR(0x321) 0xC0040321 The lower port value must be less than or equal to the higher port value in the %1: %2.
E_FPC_PORT_OUT_OF_RANGE FPC_ERR(0x322) 0xC0040322 The port range should be between 1 and 65535.
E_FPC_IDENTICAL_STORAGE_NAME FPC_ERR(0x323) 0xC0040323 An item with an identical storage name already exists in this collection. Each item added to the collection must have a unique storage name.
E_FPC_NOT_COMMON_NETWORK_DIALUP_CONNECTION FPC_ERR(0x324) 0xC0040324 The specified network dial-up connection cannot be found on the computer.
E_FPC_NOT_FULL_URL FPC_ERR(0x325) 0xC0040325 The URL should start with http://.
E_FPC_NO_CREDENTIALS FPC_ERR(0x326) 0xC0040326 You must specified credentials.
E_FPC_NO_DIALUP_AVAILABLE FPC_ERR(0x327) 0xC0040327 Automatic dial-up cannot be used. There are no dial-up entries configured.
E_FPC_INVALID_NETWORK_CHOSEN_FOR_AUTODIAL FPC_ERR(0x328) 0xC0040328 Automatic dial-up cannot be enabled for this type of network.
E_FPC_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_STANDARD_EDITION FPC_ERR(0x329) 0xC0040329 The method or property is not available in ISA Server Standard Edition.
E_FPC_BAD_LDT_DOMAIN_NAME_FORMAT FPC_ERR(0x32A) 0xC004032A The string is not a valid local domain table (LDT) domain name.
E_FPC_TCP_UDP_MISMATCH FPC_ERR(0x32B) 0xC004032B Invalid API was used for the specified protocol.
E_FPC_HTTP_CACHE_MIN_MUST_BE_LESS_THAN_MAX FPC_ERR(0x32C) 0xC004032C The minimum time for content expiration in cache rule %1 must be less than or equal to the maximum time.
E_FPC_NEED_SERVER_FOR_CREDENTIALS FPC_ERR(0x32D) 0xC004032D Credentials cannot be added when there is no server available.
E_FPC_INVALID_PORT FPC_ERR(0x32E) 0xC004032E You must provide a port number between 1 and 65535.
E_FPC_INVALID_PORT_INC_0 FPC_ERR(0x32F) 0xC004032F You must provide a port number between 0 and 65535.
E_FPC_INVALID_PERIODICAL_RUN_ARGUMENTS FPC_ERR(0x330) 0xC0040330 The cycle time is longer than the specified interval.
E_FPC_INVALID_ICMP_CODE FPC_ERR(0x331) 0xC0040331 You must provide a code number between 0 and 255.
E_FPC_INVALID_ICMP_TYPE FPC_ERR(0x332) 0xC0040332 You must provide a type number between 0 and 255.
E_FPC_INVALID_PROTOCOL FPC_ERR(0x333) 0xC0040333 You must provide a protocol number between 0 and 255.
E_FPC_PREDEFINED_ITEM_IS_READ_ONLY FPC_ERR(0x334) 0xC0040334 This property cannot be modified for the predefined item.
E_FPC_CAN_NOT_DELETE_PREDEFINED FPC_ERR(0x335) 0xC0040335 The item cannot be deleted. It is part of the static configuration.
E_FPC_IP_RANGE_SET_NOT_ALLOWED FPC_ERR(0x336) 0xC0040336 This network type cannot have an IP Range Set.
E_FPC_XML_PASSWORD_REQUIRED FPC_ERR(0x337) 0xC0040337 EncryptionPassword containing at least 8 characters must be specified when the fpcPersistencePasswords flag is set.
E_FPC_XML_MISMATCH_IMPORT_OBJECT FPC_ERR(0x338) 0xC0040338 The object %1 cannot be imported into %2.
E_FPC_XML_SCHEMA_VALIDATION_FAILED FPC_ERR(0x339) 0xC0040339 Schema validation failed on the exported XML document. For more details see the ParseError property.
E_FPC_XML_NO_SERVER_AVAILABLE_FOR_EXPORT_PASSWORD FPC_ERR(0x33A) 0xC004033A There is no available ISA Server to decrypt the exported password. Verify that services are running on at least one ISA Server computer.
E_FPC_XML_IMPORTED_OBJECT_NOT_PERSISTENET FPC_ERR(0x33B) 0xC004033B The object cannot be imported with the specified import options. Verify that the specified import options match the object being imported.
E_FPC_XML_IMPORT_CANNOT_USE_CLEAN_COLLECTIONS FPC_ERR(0x33C) 0xC004033C Only Array object can be imported with the Clean Collections option.
E_FPC_XML_MISMATCH_IMPORT_EDITION FPC_ERR(0x33D) 0xC004033D Enterprise Edition settings cannot be imported into Standard Edition.
E_FPC_XML_MISMATCH_BUILD FPC_ERR(0x33E) 0xC004033E An XML DOM document object cannot be imported from an old build.
E_FPC_XML_WITH_PASSWORDS_REQUIRED FPC_ERR(0x33F) 0xC004033F An XML DOM document object that was exported without fpcExportImportPasswords cannot be imported with the fpcExportImportPasswords flag set.
E_FPC_XML_WITH_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR_REQUIRED FPC_ERR(0x340) 0xC0040340 An XML DOM document object that was exported without fpcExportImportUserPermissions cannot be imported with the fpcExportImportUserPermissions flag set.
E_FPC_XML_WITH_SERVER_SPECIFIC_INFO_REQUIRED FPC_ERR(0x341) 0xC0040341 An XML DOM document object that was exported without fpcExportImportServerSpecific cannot be imported with the fpcExportImportServerSpecific flag set.
E_FPC_XML_INVALID_OPTIONAL_DATA_VALUE FPC_ERR(0x342) 0xC0040342 Optional data value must be a bitmask of FpcExportImportOptionalData values.
E_FPC_XML_WRONG_PASSWORD FPC_ERR(0x343) 0xC0040343 The password you provided for the XML import is incorrect. Verify this password against the password provided during the export.
E_FPC_NO_VPN_CONNECTION_FOR_THE_NETWORK FPC_ERR(0x344) 0xC0040344 The VPN properties cannot be configured for non-VPN networks.
E_FPC_CAN_NOT_CHANGE_CONNECTION_TYPE FPC_ERR(0x345) 0xC0040345 The connection type cannot be set for this network.
E_FPC_IP_RANGE_ENTRY_INTERSECT_WITH_LOCAL_NETWORK FPC_ERR(0x346) 0xC0040346 The %1 network includes IP addresses in the range %2-%3. Networks cannot contain IP addresses that overlap with another network.
E_FPC_IP_RANGE_ENTRY_INTERSECT_WITH_LIMITED_BROADCAST FPC_ERR(0x347) 0xC0040347 The specified address range contains the limited broadcast IP address ( Change the IP range so that it does not contain
E_FPC_IP_RANGE_ENTRY_INTERSECT_WITH_LOCAL_VPN_CONFIG FPC_ERR(0x348) 0xC0040348 The VPN configuration static address pool includes IP addresses the range %1-%2. Networks cannot contain IP addresses that overlap with the VPN configuration static address pool.
E_FPC_INVALID_NETWORK_CONNECTION_TYPE FPC_ERR(0x349) 0xC0040349 The connection type is not valid for this network type.
E_FPC_VPN_STATIC_ADDRESS_POOL_RAN_OUT_OF_ADDRESSES FPC_ERR(0x34A) 0xC004034A There are not enough IP addresses available for VPN connections. The static address pool size must be at least one value larger than the maximum number of connections allowed in the VPN configuration.
E_FPC_PREDEFINED_NETWORK_IS_READ_ONLY FPC_ERR(0x34B) 0xC004034B This property cannot be modified for a predefined network.
E_FPC_STORAGE_VER_MISMATCH FPC_ERR(0x34C) 0xC004034C The ISA Server storage version is incompatible.
E_FPC_BAD_ADMIN_VERSION FPC_ERR(0x34D) 0xC004034D The version of the MMC management console in the remote ISA Server computer is incompatible. Upgrade either the local computer, or the remote ISA Server computer.
E_FPC_ALERTSRV_UNKNOWN_EVENT FPC_ERR(0x34E) 0xC004034E The event signaled cannot be found.
E_FPC_ALERTSRV_BAD_EVENT_GUID FPC_ERR(0x34F) 0xC004034F The event GUID is not a valid GUID.
E_FPC_ALERTSRV_DUPLICATED_ALERT FPC_ERR(0x350) 0xC0040350 An alert with the same event condition, server name, and additional key is already defined.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_NOT_OUTBOUND FPC_ERR(0x351) 0xC0040351 The specified protocol is a server (inbound) protocol. Inbound protocols can only be used in server publishing rules.
E_FPC_VIP_IS_NOT_IN_RELATED_NETWORK FPC_ERR(0x352) 0xC0040352 The specified Virtual IP address (VIP) "%1" is not part of the related network "%2".
E_FPC_NLB_NIC_IDNETIFIER_IS_NOT_UNIQUE FPC_ERR(0x353) 0xC0040353 The specified network adapter "%1" in the Network Load Balancing configuration of network "%2", is already used for Network Load Balancing of network "%3" on this server.
E_FPC_NO_ACCESS_PROPERTIES_FOR_THE_RULE FPC_ERR(0x354) 0xC0040354 Access rule properties can only be configured for access rules, and not for other rules such as Web publishing and server publishing rules.
E_FPC_NO_SERVER_PBLISHING_PROPERTIES_FOR_THE_RULE FPC_ERR(0x355) 0xC0040355 Server publishing properties can only be configured for server publishing rules.
E_FPC_NO_WEB_PBLISHING_PROPERTIES_FOR_THE_RULE FPC_ERR(0x356) 0xC0040356 Web publishing properties can only be configured for Web publishing rules.
E_FPC_BAD_ITEM_NAME FPC_ERR(0x357) 0xC0040357 The %1 referenced by %2 %3 does not exist.
E_FPC_AUTHENTICATION_SCHEME_FORWARD_ONLY FPC_ERR(0x358) 0xC0040358 The authentication method selected cannot be used to authenticate Web publishing requests. Only outgoing Web requests can be authenticated using this method.
E_FPC_AUTHENTICATION_SCHEME_REVERSE_ONLY FPC_ERR(0x359) 0xC0040359 The authentication method selected cannot be used to authenticate outgoing web requests. Only Web Publishing rules can use this authentication method.
E_FPC_AUTHENTICATION_DOESNT_PROVIDE_NAMESPACE FPC_ERR(0x35A) 0xC004035A The selected user namespace is not supported by an authentication method.
E_FPC_AUTHENTICATION_SCHEME_EXCLUSIVE FPC_ERR(0x35B) 0xC004035B %1 authentication cannot be used together with any other authentication method.
E_FPC_SECONDARY_CONNECTIONS_ARE_NOT_APPLICABLE FPC_ERR(0x35C) 0xC004035C The specified protocol contains references to application filters. The secondary connections are not applicable
E_FPC_INVALID_DIRECTORY FPC_ERR(0x35D) 0xC004035D The directory is invalid.
E_FPC_INVALID_DATE FPC_ERR(0x35E) 0xC004035E The date is invalid.
E_FPC_INVALID_DAYS_OF_WEEK FPC_ERR(0x35F) 0xC004035F At least one day should be specified.
E_FPC_INVALID_DAY_OF_MONTH FPC_ERR(0x360) 0xC0040360 The day of the month should between 1 to 31.
E_FPC_ADD_LINK_WITHOUT_PUBLISHING FPC_ERR(0x361) 0xC0040361 To add a link to a report, publishing must be enabled for the report.To add a link to a report, publishing must be enabled for the report.
E_FPC_INVALID_EMAIL_CONFIGURATION FPC_ERR(0x362) 0xC0040362 To send an e-mail, specify a valid SMTP server name, From address, and TO address (or CC address).
E_FPC_INVALID_PUBLISHING_CONFIGURATION FPC_ERR(0x363) 0xC0040363 When publishing a report you must specify a valid publishing folder.
E_FPC_INVALID_CATEGORIES FPC_ERR(0x364) 0xC0040364 The report must include one or more valid report categories.
E_FPC_VPN_STATIC_ADDRESS_POOL_INVALID_RANGE FPC_ERR(0x365) 0xC0040365 IP address ranges in the static address pool must be between and
E_FPC_VPN_STATIC_ADDRESS_POOL_RANGE_TOO_SMALL FPC_ERR(0x366) 0xC0040366 The address range is not valid. An address range must contain at least two IP addresses.
E_FPC_VPN_MAXIMUM_CONNECTION FPC_ERR(0x367) 0xC0040367 The value specified for the maximum number of connections must be between %1 and %2.
E_FPC_VPN_INVALID_IP FPC_ERR(0x368) 0xC0040368 An IP address must be either or belong in the range of to
E_FPC_VPN_INVALID_VALUE_IPS FPC_ERR(0x369) 0xC0040369 You must specify the primary server IP address or choose the option of using the DHCP server.
E_FPC_INVALID_SAVEASHTML_CALL FPC_ERR(0x36A) 0xC004036A Only reports that have been generated successfully can be saved in HTML format.
E_FPC_SERVER_PUBLISHING_HAS_NO_NETWORKS FPC_ERR(0x36B) 0xC004036B At least one network or network set must be specified for the server publishing rule %1.
E_FPC_VPN_NETWORK_LISTENER_LIST_EMPTY FPC_ERR(0x36C) 0xC004036C At least one network must be selected for VPN client access.
E_FPC_VPN_PROTOCOL_NOT_CHOSEN FPC_ERR(0x36D) 0xC004036D At least one protocol must be selected for VPN remote client access.
E_FPC_NO_FULL_ADMINISTRATORS_LEFT FPC_ERR(0x36E) 0xC004036E ISA Server cannot delete the specified user. Your ISA Server configuration must include at least one user who is delegated the role of Full ISA Server Administrator.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_RAW_CAN_NOT_HAVE_AN_APPLICATION_FILTER FPC_ERR(0x36F) 0xC004036F A protocol definition that has a raw or ICMP protocol cannot have an application filter associated.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_ONLY_ONE_RAW_CONNECTION_ALLOWED FPC_ERR(0x370) 0xC0040370 A protocol definition can have only one raw connection.
E_FPC_NO_LOCALHOST_IN_NETWORK_RULE FPC_ERR(0x371) 0xC0040371 The Local Host network cannot be included in a network rule.
E_FPC_WEB_PUB_RULE_MUST_HAVE_SPECIFIC_PUBLIC_NAMES FPC_ERR(0x372) 0xC0040372 The Web publishing rule %1 can apply only to public names which do not include asterisk (*). When link translation is enabled, the public name cannot include wildcard characters, and must be specific.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_MUST_HAVE_PRIMARY_CONNECTION FPC_ERR(0x373) 0xC0040373 The protocol definition must include at least one primary connection.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_ONLY_SAME_DIRECTION_CONNECTION_ALLOWED FPC_ERR(0x374) 0xC0040374 Primary connections for the protocol definition must be configured for either outbound or inbound traffic, but not both.
E_FPC_REPORT_RUN_REQUIRES_SCHEDULER_RUNNING FPC_ERR(0x375) 0xC0040375 The Job Scheduler service must be running in order to create a report.
E_FPC_WEB_PUBLISHING_RULE_NO_LISTENER FPC_ERR(0x376) 0xC0040376 No Web listener is specified for the Web publishing rule: %1.
E_FPC_VPN_IPSEC_PRESHARED_SECRET_NOT_SUPPORTED FPC_ERR(0x377) 0xC0040377 The use of a pre-shared IPSec key is not supported on this version of Windows.
E_FPC_RADIUS_QUARANTINE_NOT_SUPPORTED FPC_ERR(0x378) 0xC0040378 VPN quarantine based on RADIUS policies is not supported on this version of Windows.
E_FPC_BACKUP_ROUTE_MISSING_SERVER_NAME FPC_ERR(0x379) 0xC0040379 A server name must be specified in the backup route in chaining rule %1.
E_FPC_PRIMARY_ROUTE_MISSING_SERVER_NAME FPC_ERR(0x37A) 0xC004037A A server name must be specified in the primary route in chaining rule %1.
E_FPC_WEB_BROWSER_CUSTOM_SCRIPT_MISSING FPC_ERR(0x37B) 0xC004037B A custom script URL for the client browser configuration settings must be specified for network %1.
E_FPC_DIALUP_MISSING_USER_NAME FPC_ERR(0x37C) 0xC004037C No user name was specified for the automatic dial-up configuration.
E_FPC_VPN_IPSEC_NETWORK_NOT_SUPPORTED FPC_ERR(0x37D) 0xC004037D Retrieval of the IPSec VPN network settings is not supported for a non-IPSec network connection type.
E_FPC_VPN_L2TPPPTP_NETWORK_NOT_SUPPORTED FPC_ERR(0x37E) 0xC004037E Retrieval of the L2TP/PPTP VPN network settings is not supported for a non-VPN network connection type.
E_FPC_VPN_INVALID_PRESHARED_SECRET FPC_ERR(0x37F) 0xC004037F A non-empty string must be specified for the preshared secret.
E_FPC_VPN_IPSEC_NETWORK_REMOTE_SERVER_INVALID FPC_ERR(0x380) 0xC0040380 The name specified for the remote server is not a valid IP address.
E_FPC_VPN_IPSEC_NETWORK_LOCAL_SERVER_INVALID FPC_ERR(0x381) 0xC0040381 The name specified for the local server is not a valid IP address.
E_FPC_ITEM_IN_USE_NOT_IN_COLLECTION FPC_ERR(0x382) 0xC0040382 The %1 named "%2" cannot be deleted because it is used in %3.
E_FPC_ISASCHED_DOWN FPC_ERR(0x383) 0xC0040383 The job cannot be started because the Microsoft ISA Server Job Scheduler service is not running. Check the status of the service.
E_FPC_VPN_S2S_AUTHENTICATION_METHOD_EMPTY FPC_ERR(0x384) 0xC0040384 At least one authentication method must be selected for site-to-site VPN access.
E_FPC_WEB_PUB_RULE_NO_PUBLIC_NAMES FPC_ERR(0x385) 0xC0040385 No public domain name or site name is specified for Web publishing rule 1%.
E_FPC_VPN_NET_INVALID_CERTIFICATE_AUTHORITY FPC_ERR(0x386) 0xC0040386 The certificate authority name must be between %1 and %2 characters.
E_FPC_VPN_NET_INVALID_PRESHARED_KEY FPC_ERR(0x387) 0xC0040387 The pre-shared key must be between %1 and %2 characters.
E_FPC_SERVER_NOT_JOINED_TO_DOMAIN FPC_ERR(0x388) 0xC0040388 The server is not joined to domain.
E_FPC_DENY_SRV_PUB_NOT_ALLOWED FPC_ERR(0x389) 0xC0040389 Server publishing rules cannot be configured as "deny" rules. By design, server publishing rules allow access to specified servers for which access is denied by default.
E_FPC_VPN_NET_CONFLICTING_AUTH_PROTOCOLS FPC_ERR(0x38A) 0xC004038A For VPN site-to-site authentication, you can specify EAP authentication, or any combination of the alternative authentication methods (PAP, SPAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, MS-CHAP v2). EAP cannot be used in conjunction with any other authentication method.
E_FPC_ISASTG_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE FPC_ERR(0x38B) 0xC004038B The Microsoft ISA Server Storage service is unavailable.
E_NO_SITE_OR_DOMIAN_DEFINED FPC_ERR(0x38C) 0xC004038C The URL specified does not contain a domain or site name. If you want to specify a folder, the folder prefix ("/"), should come after the domain name.
E_PORT_NUMBER_IN_WEB_SITE_NAME FPC_ERR(0x38D) 0xC004038D The Web server name cannot contain a port number. You can specify the port number to be used for redirecting requests to this Web server on the Bridging tab of the Web publishing rule properties.
E_DISCONNECT_CONTAINING_ARRAY FPC_ERR(0x38E) 0xC004038E You cannot disconnect the server from the containing array.
E_FPC_MSDE_NOT_INSTALLED FPC_ERR(0x38F) 0xC004038F The MSDE feature is currently not installed. To install MSDE, in the Add/Remove Programs applet, select Microsoft ISA Server 2004 and click Change. Then, in the Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Installation Wizard use the Modify option to add MSDE to the installation.
E_FPC_LISTENER_WITH_SAME_IP_AND_PORT_IN_USE FPC_ERR(0x390) 0xC0040390 A Web listener configured to listen on the same IP address and port is already being used by rule "%1".
E_FPC_2_LISTENERS_WITH_SAME_IP_AND_PORT_IN_USE FPC_ERR(0x391) 0xC0040391 The Web listeners used in rule "%1" and in rule "%2" specify identical IP addresses and ports. Web listener IP addresses and ports used by different rules cannot overlap.
E_FPC_INVALID_PUBLISHING_CREDENTIALS_CONFIGURATION FPC_ERR(0x392) 0xC0040392 The user account does not have the required permissions to publish the report.
E_FPC_UPLOAD_NEW_CONFIGURATION FPC_ERR(0x393) 0xC0040393 Some configuration changes were not applied. See the Windows event viewer for more details.
E_FPC_INVALID_LOG_DIRECTORY_AND_TYPE FPC_ERR(0x394) 0xC0040394 You cannot specify an empty string when specifying a log folder as part of a full path option.
E_FPC_PROTOCOL_NOT_SERVER_PROTOCOL FPC_ERR(0x395) 0xC0040395 The specified protocol is not an inbound protocol (server) and cannot be used in server publishing rule %1.
E_FPC_SSL_MUST_HAVE_CERTIFICATE FPC_ERR(0x396) 0xC0040396 When SSL is enabled and an SSL port specified, you must specify a certificate for SSL authentication.
E_FPC_CORRUPTED_ITEM_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE FPC_ERR(0x397) 0xC0040397 Attribute %1 of object type %2 is corrupted. You should delete the object owner %3 of type %4, fix the corrupted attribute, or import a valid configuration.
E_FPC_CORRUPTED_OBJECT_ATTRIBUTE FPC_ERR(0x398) 0xC0040398 Attribute %1 of object type %2 is corrupted. You should delete the object, fix the corrupted attribute, or import a valid configuration.
E_FPC_XML_VERSION_MISMATCH FPC_ERR(0x399) 0xC0040399 The XML file cannot be imported to this version of ISA Server. Install the latest version of ISA Server, including hot fixes and patches, and then try importing the XML file again.
E_FPC_CANNOT_IMPORT_SYSTEM_POLICY_RULE FPC_ERR(0x39A) 0xC004039A System policy rules cannot be imported individually.
E_FPC_CANNOT_EXPORT_SYSTEM_POLICY_RULE FPC_ERR(0x39B) 0xC004039B System policy rules cannot be exported individually.