Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 SDK


The FPC object is the root of the administration COM object hierarchy, and provides programmatic access to almost all of the other FPC objects. For a diagram of the entire hierarchy, see ISA Server Administration Object Model.

Creating this root object is the first step in making any programmatic changes to ISA Server. Using Visual Basic, you can create it with the following code:

  Dim root As New FPCLib.FPC

The CreateObject function is also available to Visual Basic programmers, and alternatively, the following can be used:

  Dim root As FPCLib.FPC
  Set root = CreateObject("FPC.Root")

Scripts written in Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) must use the CreateObject function to create the root object, as in the following code example:

  Dim root  ' This line may be omitted.
  Set root = CreateObject("FPC.Root")

After the FPC object is created, objects below it in the hierarchy can be accessed through the methods and properties of the root object.

For examples of the use of the FPC root object, see ISA Server Administration Scripting.

Click here to see the ISA Server object hierarchy.


The FPC object defines the following methods.

Method Description
GetContainingArray Retrieves the FPCArray object that represents the array containing the current computer.
GetContainingServer Retrieves the FPCServer object that represents the current ISA Server computer.


The FPC object has the following property.

Property Description
Arrays Gets an FPCArrays collection that contains all the ISA Server arrays for the root object.


This object implements the IFPC interface.


Server: Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000.
Version: Requires Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004.
Header: Declared in Msfpccom.idl.
Library: Use Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 Administration Library.

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