Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 SDK


The FPCCredentials object lets you set the user name and password to be used when an ISA Server computer communicates with an upstream proxy server or a remote virtual private network (VPN) site, or dials out using a dial-up entry. For example, chaining with another proxy server computer can require that the user name and password have been checked before chaining takes place. A routing rule that routes requests to an upstream proxy server can also check the user name and password before routing the request.

The FPCCredentials object is accessed through the Credentials property of FPCPrimaryRoute, FPCBackupRoute, FPCDialingConfiguration, FPCFirewallChaining, and FPCReportJob objects and through the RemoteCredentials property of an FPCVpnNetworkL2tpPptpSettings object.

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The FPCCredentials object defines the following methods.

Method Description
Refresh Reads the values of the object's properties from persistent storage, discarding any changes that were not saved.
Save Writes the current values of the object's properties to persistent storage.


The FPCCredentials object has the following properties.

Property Description
Password Sets the password.
UserName Gets or sets the user name.


This object implements the IFPCCredentials interface.


Server: Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000.
Version: Requires Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004.
Header: Declared in Msfpccom.idl.
Library: Use Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 Administration Library.

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