Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 SDK

FPCRefs Collection

The FPCRefs collection represents a group of objects that are used by a rule. The FPCRefs collection can contain references to user sets, computer sets, or URL sets, for example. Note that each instance of the FPCRefs collection will contain a homogenous set of FPCRef objects.

The FPCRef object is used to reference another object. You can use the FPCRef object and the FPCRefs collection to retrieve values needed for specific scripting situations.

The FPCRefs collection is used in various properties of FPCAccessProperties, FPCCacheRule, FPCConnectionLimitPolicy, FPCNetworkSet, FPCProtocolDefinition, FPCRoutingRule, FPCSelectionIPs, FPCServerPublishingProperties, FPCSystemPolicyConfigGroup, FPCVpnConfiguration, FPCVpnQuarantineSettings, FPCWebListener, FPCWebListenerProperties, and FPCWebPublishingProperties objects.

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The FPCRefs collection defines the following methods.

Method Description
Add Creates a new FPCRef object, adds it to the collection, and returns a reference to it.
Exists Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the collection contains an object with the name specified.
Item Retrieves the requested FPCRef object from the collection.
Refresh Recursively reads the values of all the properties of the collection and its elements, including the properties of its subobjects from persistent storage, overwriting any changes that were not saved.
Remove Removes the specified FPCRef object from the collection.
RemoveAll Removes all elements from the collection.
RemoveSpecified Removes the object that has the name specified from the collection.
Save Recursively writes the values of the properties of the collection and its elements, including the properties of its subobjects to persistent storage.


The FPCRefs collection has the following properties.

Property Description
_NewEnum Gets an enumerator object for the collection.
Count Gets the number of FPCRef objects in the collection.


This collection implements the IFPCRefs interface.

Example Code [Visual Basic]

' Use the FPCRefs.Add method to add an FPCRef object reference to 
' a user set to the list of user sets for exclusion.
array.ArrayPolicy.PolicyRules(1).AccessProperties.UserSets.Add "UserSet_1", fpcExclude

' Use the FPCRef.Name property to retrieve the name of the excluded 
' user set.


Server: Requires Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000.
Version: Requires Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004.
Header: Declared in Msfpccom.idl.
Library: Use Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 Administration Library.

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