Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 SDK

ISA Server Administration Scripting

The ISA Server administration object model gives developers a mechanism to extend the functionality of ISA Server. Scripting allows you to use the ISA Server administration COM objects to access and control any ISA Server computer within an organization. The administration objects allow for automation of all the tasks performed through ISA Server Management. This capability allows administrators to create scripts to automate repetitive and complex tasks requiring the use of ISA Server Management. These scripts can then be included in batch files. By programming with the same administration objects that ISA Server uses, developers can provide persistent and configurable data storage for their programs, and can have ISA Server notify programs when the configuration data has changed.

Note  ISA Server 2004 does not provide full backward compatibility for programs and scripts written for ISA Server 2000.

Using Microsoft Management Console (MMC), developers can also customize ISA Server Management by adding new property pages, menus, toolbars, and buttons, and by extending the namespace. For examples of ISA Server Management customization, see Extending ISA Server Management.

The following topics demonstrate how administrative tasks performed using ISA Server Management can be automated through the use of the administration objects:

Note  The Microsoft Visual BasicĀ® and Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) samples provided in this documentation are meant to demonstrate use of the ISA Server administration objects. For clarity, the samples ordinarily do not include error handling. It is important that your programs and code include error handling. Error handling is demonstrated in Cut-and-Paste ISA Server Administration Functions.