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Библиотека COOL OWNER DRAWN MENUS-V. 2.4, 2.63 By Brent Corkum

При создании программы использовалась библиотека Cool Owner Drawn Menus-v. 2.4, 2.63 By Brent Corkum.


You are free to use/modify this code but leave this header intact. This class is public domain so you are free to use it any of your applications (Freeware,Shareware,Commercial). All I ask is that you let me know so that if you have a real winner I can brag to my buddies that some of my code is in your app. I also wouldn't mind if you sent me a copy of your application since I like to play with new stuff.

Brent Corkum, corkum@rocscience.com

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