Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
List of report type attributes
"RPT_TYPE" Integer Report type id, see also List of report types
"RPT_DN" String Report type display name
"RPT_DESCR" String Report type description
"RPT_FIELDS" IKlAkCollection Possible detaild fields
"RPT_SUMM_FIELDS" IKlAkCollection Possible summary fields
"RPT_TOTALS" IKlAkCollection Possible names of totals fields
"RPT_ACCEPT_TIME_INTERVAL" boolean Report accepts time interval
"RPT_ACCEPT_COMPS_LIST" boolean Report accepts list of hostsw (either RPT_GROUP_ID or RPT_HOSTS may be set)
"RPT_EXTRA_DATA" IKlAkParams Report type extra data. Contains KLRPT_FLD_TYPES attribute of type IKlAkParams that contains collection of IKlAkParams objects (each IKlAkParams object name is a display name of field) containing two attributes:
  • KLRPT_FLD_TYPE_NAME - name of field
  • KLRPT_FLD_TYPE_ID - type of field