Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Reskit graphic

MIIS Event Viewer

Displays the Application log entries for the MIIS 2003 server service on the selected server. You can also launch Event Viewer for the selected server.


MIIS Event Viewer
Field Description
View events for the past X days Select the range of days to view events. Events up to 10 days old can be displayed.


  • The range of days is calculated from midnight of the current day, not the current time. For example, if the current date and time is May 21, 2:45 PM, and you select to view events from the past 3 days, you will events from May 21, 20, and 19. You will not see any events from May 18.
Type Event Viewer displays these types of events:
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Information
  • Success Audit
  • Failure Audit
Date The date the event occurred.
Time The local time the event occurred.
Source The software that logged the event. When you use MIIS Event Viewer, this is always MIIServer.
Event The event ID that identifies the particular event type.
User The user name of the user on whose behalf the event occurred.
Description A description of the logged event.
Knowledge Base A suggested remedy based on the selected event.


  • You can use the Swap button to alternate views of the Description content and the Knowledge Base content.
To save event details, including the Description and Knowledge Base content, you can select the Copy button above the Description pane to copy the information to the clipboard, or select the Save button above the event log pane, to save the information to file.