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MIISSecurityGroupInfo displays the membership information of specified groups on a server running Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000. It returns and displays the user name and the security ID (SID) of each member.

MIIS SecurityGroupInfo

Input and display fields

Name Description
System name Type the system name from which group information is to be retrieved. If no system name is specified, local system information is retrieved. The system name can be the server name or an IP address.
User name Type the user name for the specified system. If no user name is specified, MIISSecurityGroupInfo uses the logged on user credentials.
Password Type the password for the user name.
Selected Groups Displays the groups to retrieve membership information from.
Group Name Type a group name to add to the Selected Groups list.
Add Group Click Add Group to add the group specified in Group Name to the Selected Groups list.
Remove Group Click Remove Group to remove a group or groups from the Selected Groups list. Select one or more groups from the Selected Groups list for removal by clicking on the group name in the list.
User Information Information is displayed by group. For each member of the group, the user name and SID are displayed. This is a read-only field, however, the contents can be copied to the clipboard.
List Users Info Click List Users Info to retrieve the group membership information for the selected groups on the specified server.