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PCNSLookup is a Visual Basic script that queries all domain controllers in a specified domain and displays the status of the password change notification service (PCNS) on each domain controller. You must be a member of the Domain Admins group in the target domain to run PCNSLookup. The information will be displayed on the screen by default. You may also save the information to a comma-separated value file (.csv).

PCNSLookup will return the following information:


PCNSLookup [/u:UserName Password] [/d:DomainName] [/f:FilePath]


The user account that has Domain Admin rights to the target domain. The domain may also be specified, for example /u:TestDomain\administrator.
The password for the specified user account.
The name of the target domain to return information from.
The file path and file name of the optional CSV output file. The default file name is PCNSLookup.csv.
Displays help at the command prompt.


To verify PCNS status on a domain, type the following command:

cscript PCNSLookup.vbs /u:Fabrikam\administrator Pa$$W0rd /d:Fabrikam /f:c:\log\csvDump.csv