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Connector filter rules

When you run a management agent in import mode, connector filter rules are applied to an object first. Connector filter rules determine whether the management agent attempts to join or project a connector space object to the metaverse.

You define connector filter rules when you configure a management agent. You create connector filter rules per object type and they are based on comparisons of attribute values between a connector space object and value specified in the connector filter rule. A management agent can contain several connector filter rules per object type, and each connector filter rule can consist of multiple attribute comparisons. In the case of multiple attribute value comparison, all comparisons must evaluate to TRUE for the connector filter rule to be satisfied.

A connector filter rule consists of the following three parts: a data source attribute, an operator, and a value. Together, these three parts make up an attribute value comparison. The following table shows several examples of connector filter rules.

Data source attribute Operator Value
branchID Does not equal Seattle
givenName Starts with T
title Equals Administrator
hireDate Contains 2002

If an object satisfies the connector filter rules, it becomes a filtered disconnector and is not processed any further by the remaining management agent rules. As a filtered disconnector, it remains unaffected by subsequent runs of the management agent. A filtered disconnector can only be changed to a connector by manually joining or projecting it by using Joiner, or by modifying the connector filter rule or the filtered disconnector object's attribute value so that the filtered disconnector object no longer satisfies the connector filter rule. If you do this, the filtered disconnector object is subject to all the management agent rules the next time the management is run with the run profile step type Full Synchronization or Full Import and Full Synchronization. For more information about configuring management agents and step types, see Create and edit management agent run profiles.


The following flow chart shows the sequence in which management agent rules are applied.

Flow chart of management agent rules.