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Object deletion rules

By using object deletion rules, the metaverse determines when to delete a metaverse object. A metaverse object can be connected to objects that reside in different connector spaces of multiple management agents. When a connector space object is disconnected from a metaverse object, object deletion rules are evaluated to determine whether to delete the linked metaverse object from the metaverse.

Use the Metaverse Designer to configure object deletion rules, which are defined in the metaverse and scoped by object type. You can configure object deletion rules to do any of the following:

When a metaverse object is deleted, it affects all the connector space objects that are linked to it. Therefore, when defining object deletion rules, it is important to understand when the rules will be called. Object deletion rules are evaluated:

Object deletion rules are not evaluated:

For more information, see Configure an object deletion rule.

The following flow chart shows the sequence in which object deletion rules are applied.

Flow chart of object deletion rules.