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Provisioning rules

Provisioning is the process of creating, connecting, and disconnecting objects in a connector space, based on changes to objects in the metaverse. Provisioning performs object-level actions, such as:


To implement provisioning, you create and enable a rules extension. When you enable provisioning rules, they affect all objects in the metaverse. Provisioning rules are called whenever a metaverse object is modified by the following methods:

The rules extension for provisioning rules can take advantage of the transactional capabilities of Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003. In a case in which a connector space object is provisioned to multiple connected data sources and one of the provisioning rules fails, the complete synchronization operation will be rolled back by default. However, whenever a provisioning rule fails, it will report a rules exception to Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003. You can write a rules extension to identify exceptions and handle them on a management agent basis by doing the following:

The following flow chart shows the sequence in which provisioning rules are applied.

Flow chart of provisioning rules.


For more detailed documentation on provisioning, see the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference and "Simple Account Provisioning" (MIIS_2003_Account_Provisioning.doc) at the Microsoft Web Site. (