Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference

Creating Scripts

The following sections provide information on how to create scripts that can be used with the WMI Provider.

Section Description
Connecting to the WMI Service Describes how to connect to the WMI Service on a local or remote server. You must connect to the server before you can use the WMI Provider.
Creating Scripts to Run Management Agents Describes how to create a script in the Identity Manager to run a management agent on a local server. This section also describes how to modify that script to run on a remote server with the current or alternative credentials.
Enabling Security in Scripts Describes how to set authentication flags in your script to increase security. The example shows how to encrypt data sent across a network between a client and the MIIS Server.
Creating an Executable File to Run a Management Agent Describes how to create a C# file using the Identity Manager that you can compile into a stand-alone program.
Running Scripts Describes how to run your scripts using the CScript script host as the default.