Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference


The ConnectionState property retrieves one of the ConnectionState values that indicates the connection state of the connector space object. This property is not available in the IMAExtensibleCallExport.ExportEntry(ModificationType, String[], CSEntry) or the IMVSynchronization.ShouldDeleteFromMV methods.
public ConnectionState ConnectionState {get;}
[Visual Basic .NET]
Public ReadOnly Property ConnectionState As ConnectionState


Product: Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003
Namespace: Defined in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.
Assembly: Requires Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices (in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll).
.NET Framework: Requires .NET Framework 1.1.

See Also

ConnectionState, CSEntry, IMAExtensibleCallExport.ExportEntry(ModificationType, String[], CSEntry), IMVSynchronization.ShouldDeleteFromMV