Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference


The RDN property retrieves or sets the relative distinguished name of the connector space entry. This property escapes characters as required and retrieves unescaped characters. This property should not be set with escaped characters.
public String RDN {get; set;}
[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property RDN As String


Exception type Condition
ArgumentNullException The property value is null.
AttributeNotDefinedAsSourceException The property is accessed inside an IMASynchronization.MapAttributesForImport call and the distinguished name was not selected as a source attribute.
InvalidOperationException The management agent supports multi-part distinguished name components and the first component contains more than one part.


Product: Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003
Namespace: Defined in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.
Assembly: Requires Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices (in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll).
.NET Framework: Requires .NET Framework 1.1.

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