Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference

Hologram XML

The hologram XML structure contains information about an object in the connector space.

You can get information about an object in the connector space whenever you preview a connector space object and save the results, run the CsExport tool, or access an MIIS_CSObject through WMI. The hologram is a sub-element in both the preview output and the CsExport output. For information on saving an object through preview and the CsExport tool, see the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Help.

The following example shows the XML structure of a hologram at a high level:

<entry dn="cn=Smith\, John,cn=Recipients,ou=fabrikam">
	<anchor encoding="base64">EgAAAFUASwAwADAANQA3ADMAMwA5AA==</anchor>
	<attr name="company" type="string" multivalued="false">
		<value>Fabrikam plc</value>