Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference


The IMAPasswordManagement.BeginConnectionToServer(String, String, String) method begins a connection to the server.
public abstract void BeginConnectionToServer(
  String connectTo,
  String user,
  String password
[Visual Basic .NET]
Public MustOverride Sub BeginConnectionToServer( _
  ByVal connectTo As String, _
  ByVal user As String, _
  ByVal password As String _
Implements IMAPasswordManagement.BeginConnectionToServer


The name of the server to connect to by the extension.
The user name of the account with the appropriate privileges on the server.
The password of the account with the appropriate privileges on the server.

Return Values

This method has no return values.


Exception type Condition
BadServerCredentialsException The credentials used to connect to the connected directory are not valid.
EntryPointNotImplementedException The rules extension does not implement this method.
PasswordExtensionException The password extension throws an unknown exception.
ServerDownException The connected directory extension cannot establish a connection to the connected directory.


Product: Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Service Pack 1
Namespace: Defined in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.
Assembly: Requires Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices (in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll).
.NET Framework: Requires .NET Framework 1.1.