Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference

ChangePassword Method of the MIIS_CSObject Class

The ChangePassword method changes the password on a connector space object to a new password. This method requires that password synchronization be enabled for the management agent. To use this method, the value used for the OldPassword parameter must match the stored password.
string ChangePassword(
  string OldPassword,
  string NewPassword


[in] Contains the old password. This value must match the stored password.
[in] Contains the new password.

Return Values

Returns a string that contains the results of the method. The return value can be one of the following values or one of the values listed in the Return Strings topic.
Return code Description
success The call was successful and the password was changed to the NewPassword parameter.
bad-password The specified OldPassword parameter does not match the password for the account. Verify that you are using the correct password for this parameter.
ma-credentials-failure The management agent was unable to log on to the connected directory with the stored credentials. Verify that the management agent credentials are correct. For more information, see "Connect to an Active Directory Forest" in the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Help.
ma-encryption-not-enabled The management agent did not set the password because 128-bit encryption has not been configured on the connection used by the management agent to communicate with the connected directory. Enable this encryption on your network.
ma-feature-not-supported The management agent does not support password changes.
ma-object-type-not-supported The management agent does not support password changes on this object type.
new-password-violate-policy The specified NewPassword parameter does not comply with the password policy set by the administrator. Verify that the NewPassword parameter complies with the password policy set by the administrator.
new-password-ill-formed The specified NewPassword parameter cannot be used as a password because the parameter contains characters that cannot be entered from a keyboard. Verify that the NewPassword parameter contains only characters that can be entered from a keyboard.
object-newly-provisioned The object has been provisioned as a new object but the object has not been created in the connected directory. You cannot perform password operations until the object has been exported to the connected directory.
object-not-found The object has been deleted from the server.
password-sync-disabled The password synchronization setting for the specified management agent is not enabled. Enable password synchronization for the specified management agent.
partition-not-configured The specified object is in a partition that has not yet been configured. Configure the partition with the Identity Manager. For more information, see "Configure directory partitions" in the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Help.
server-down The Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 server could not connect to the server containing the partition for the object. Verify that the server containing the partition is running and connected to the network.
time-difference-at-dc The new password cannot be set because the time indicated on the Microsoft Identity Integration server is greater than five minutes from the time indicated on the Active Directory server. By default, the time difference between servers must be less than or equal to five minutes. Synchronize the times between the servers.


This method works only with the following management agents:

When you call this method, an entry is written to the event log. The entry contains information about who made the request, the target of the request, and the status of the request.

Example Code

The following example shows how you can use Visual Basic Script (VBScript) to change the password of all objects with a specified domain and User Principal Name.

Option Explicit

On Error Resume Next

Dim Service
Dim CsObjects
Dim CsObject

Set Service = GetObject("winmgmts:root\MicrosoftIdentityIntegrationServer")
Set CsObjects = Service.ExecQuery("Select * from MIIS_CSObject where domain='main' and userPrincipalName='Jeff'")

For each CsObject in CsObjects
   WScript.Echo "ChangePassword returns " & CsObject.ChangePassword("OldPassword", "NewPassword")

Sub ErrorHandler (ErrorMessage)
  WScript.Echo ErrorMessage
End Sub


Server: Requires Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003.
Header: Declared in mmswmi.mof.