Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Developer Reference


The RuleType enumeration is used to identify a rule type.

public enum RuleType


Member Description
Provisioning Identifies a provisioning rule.
Projection Identifies a projection rule.
Join Identifies a join rule.
AccountJoiner Identifies an account joiner rule.
ConnectorFilter Identifies a connector filter rule.
MVDeletion Identifies a metaverse deletion rule.
ImportAttributeFlow Identifies an import attribute flow rule.
ExportAttributeFlow Identifies an export attribute flow rule.
CSDeprovisioning Identifies a connector space deprovisioning rule.
Unknown The rule type is unknown.


Product: Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003
Namespace: Defined in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.
Assembly: Requires Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices (in Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.dll).
.NET Framework: Requires .NET Framework 1.1.