Automatic email protection settings


If you use Outlook or Outlook Express you can access the automatic email protection by clicking on the corresponding button in the button bar of these mail clients.

Follow these steps to configure the automatic email protection from Outlook:

  1. In the Outlook or Outlook Express button bar, click the button that lets you access the automatic email protection settings . Normally, this button is in the right-hand section of the button bar.

  2. Specify the types of messages to scan. The options available are: inbound messages, outbound messages and messages with compressed attachments.

  3. Specify if you want to scan all attachments received or only those with certain extensions.

  4. By default, detection of hoaxes is enabled. If you want to disable it, click Advanced settings and uncheck Detect hoaxes.

Email scan settings also let you send warnings by email or across the network every time a threat is detected. You can establish the settings you want through the Warnings tab. For more information refer to the section on Sending warnings.


If you want you can specify the action the program should carry out when a threat is detected. Go to the Actions tab to establish the settings you want.