Preferences: Restrictions


This section allows the computer supervisor (normally the person who installed the program) to restrict access to certain program sections of the program.


This ensures that nobody modifies these sections without his/her permission. In order to set passwords for certain program sections (scheduled scans, , Updates, etc), follow these steps:

  1. Click Preferences.

  2. Go to the Restrictions section.

Sections to restrict. This shows the different program sections that can be password protected. Each of them can be selected by enabling the checkbox on the left of the item.


Once access has been restricted to these areas of Panda Antivirus Pro 2010, only the computer supervisor will be able to access the settings of the areas listed above, by entering a valid password.



If you want to set a new password, click Change password. The following options will be displayed:

Several buttons appear at the bottom of this tab. Click OK, to save the changes to the configuration. By clicking Restore the default settings will be restored. By clicking Cancel, the changes to the configuration will not be applied.