Warning: New network detected


Your PC is trying to connect to a new network and you have to configure the security level that the firewall must apply to this network. The firewall protection lets you apply different security levels to networks, depending on the type of network in question. If it is a trusted network (local), the firewall protection can let you share folders and printers with other computers on the network. If however it is a public network, (e.g. networks available in universities, airports, etc.) the firewall will apply a more restrictive security level to prevent unauthorized access to your PC.


Follow the steps below to configure the network security level:

  1. Click OK in the pop-up message.

  2. Specify a name to identify the network.

  3. Specify whether the new network which has been detected is a trusted network or a public network.

  4. Click OK.

If you want the firewall to assign a security level to networks without asking, click Enable automatic network mode.