How do I scan a single folder or file?


You can scan a single folder or file in the following way:

From the pop-up menu in Windows Explorer

  1. Go to Windows Explorer.

  2. Select the files or folders that you want to scan.

  3. Right-click the selected files or folders (pop-up menu).

  4. Select the Scan with Panda Antivirus Pro 2010.

From the Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 window

  1. Select Scan in the main program window.

  2. Click Scan other items.

  3. Click Folders or Files, depending on the items you want to scan and click Scan.

  4. Browse through the directory tree until you reach the directory or file that want to scan. To expand the directories click on the + symbol which you will find to the left of the directories.

  5. Select the checkbox corresponding to the directories or files that you want to scan.

  6. Click OK to start the scan.