What happens if I disable the automatic protection?


The automatic protection against known threats (of files and mail) provides continuous protection for your computer (provided that you keep it enabled). It continuously scans all the files involved in all the operations carried out on the system as well as files received via e-mail. It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to have the automatic file and mail protection enabled. If you disable both types of protection or one of them, your computer will not be protected. By default, after installing the program, the automatic file and mail protection are enabled.


Additionally, you will have another very useful type of automatic protection: that of the firewall. This type of protection acts as a barrier between your computer and the outside. It is an extra type of protection that allows you to safeguard the information sent and received by your computer when it accesses other networks such as the Internet.

Additionally, Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 includes the following protections: protection against unknown threats and protection against online fraud. In order to achieve an optimum level of protection it is advisable to keep these protections enabled at all times.