Characteristics of the firewall protection


The main characteristics of the firewall protection include the following:

Different protection levels based on the location of the computer

When your PC connects to a network, the firewall applies a security level in accordance with the type of network. If you want to change the security level assigned initially, you can do this at any time through the firewall settings.

Protection of wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

This blocks intrusion attempts launched through wireless networks (Wi-Fi). When an intruder attempts to access, a pop-up warning is displayed that allows you to immediately block the attack.

Access to the network and the Internet

It specifies which programs installed on your computer can access the network or the Internet.

Protection against intruders

It prevents hacker attacks that try to access your computer to carry out certain actions.


The firewall can block the access of the programs that you specify should not be able to access the local network or the Internet. It also blocks access from other computers that try to connect to programs installed on your computer.

Definition of rules

This defines rules that you can use to specify which connections you want to allow and the ports and zones through which the connection can be established.


nota_shg.gif Note: When configuring the firewall protection, bear in mind that the rules that you apply can affect the functioning of some shared network programs and resources.