Full scan of the PC: Specify the types of files you want to scan


By default the program will scan all files on the computer in search of malicious software. If you would like to specify the types of files to be scanned, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main screen on the program and click on Scan.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. You will see that the option All extensions is marked by default. If you want to specify that only files with certain extensions will be scanned, check the option Files with the following extensions and click the Extensions button.

  4. A list will appear with all of the extensions that will be scanned. If you want, you can remove or add extensions to the list. To remove an extension, select it and click Remove. To add a new extension, write it in the box and click Add. The Clear list button removes all extensions from the list, and the Restore list button restores the original extensions. From the same window you can indicate if you want to scan files without extensions, or all Office files (regardless of the extensions in the list).

  5. Click OK.

By default, the program will scan all compressed files and all mail files (.pst) on your computer. It is advisable to keep these options enabled.