Automatic protection of files email and instant messaging: Specifying the action the program should carry out


By default, when you run a complete scan of the PC and malicious software is detected, the program disinfects it automatically. However, you can configure the application to delete malicious software detected or even to display a warning with various options so that you can choose the most appropriate action in each case. Follow these steps to configure the actions:

  1. Click on Status in the main window of the program.

  2. In the Protection section, click Settings.

  3. Click Known threats in the left panel.

  4. Click on the Settings option corresponding to the protection you want: Scan files on disk, scan email or scan instant messaging.

  5. Go to the Actions tab and select one of the options from the drop-down list: Disinfect automatically (default option), delete infected file, Ignore and continue scanning (available in the instant messaging scan) or Block access to the file (this last option is not available in the email or instant messaging settings).