The firewall shows a pop-up warning. What option should I select?


Inbound connection attempt

It is normal that the firewall protection shows the message Inbound connection attempt on opening a program that needs to allow inbound connections to work properly.

Check carefully the name of the program that appears in the pop-up warning (it will usually be the name of the program you have just opened). If you trust the program in question, you must allow the connection.

If you don’t, the program will block the inbound connections that the program needs to work properly.

If the program is unknown or you don't trust it, we advise you to deny the connection.

In any case, remember that you can change the permissions assigned to a program through the pop-up warnings at any time, by changing them in the firewall settings.

Program modified

When one of the programs installed on your computer has been recently updated and tries to establish a connection through the Internet, the firewall will detect it and display a warning asking you whether you want to allow the connection.  

If you trust the program in question, allow the connection If you don’t, deny it.