Enable and configure the Internet browsing scan


The Internet browsing scan protects your computer, from the very beginning, against all threats that could be lurking on websites you visit or the files you download. This protection is enabled by default. If you need to enable it manually follow these steps:

  1. Click the Status option in the program’s main screen.

  2. Click Settings in the Protection panel.

  3. A window appears through which you can configure all protection. The Known threats option is enable by default.

  4. Make sure that the option Scan Internet browsing is enabled. 

The configuration of this protection gives you full control over incidents occurred during this type of scan. Click on the Settings option corresponding to this type of protection and you will see the Log in the report option (enabled by default), which lets you enable or disable logging of this type of incident in the program report.

Internet browsing scan settings also let you send warnings by email or across the network every time a threat is detected. For more information refer to the section on Sending warnings.