You can install ISA Server 2006 Standard Edition by using unattended server setup.

To run ISA Server unattended setup
  1. Modify the sample answer file, which can be found on the ISA Server CD. For a description of the sample answer file, see the table later in this section.

  2. At a command prompt, type:

PathToISASetup\Setup.exe /V" /q[b|n] FULLPATHANSWERFILE=\"PathToINIFile\INI_filename\"".



The path to the ISA Server 2006 installation files. The path may point to the ISA Server CD-ROM or a shared folder on your network that contains the ISA Server files.


The name of an answer file.

/q [b|n]

Performs quiet unattended setup. If you specify b, a progress bar indicates the setup process. If you specify n, no dialog boxes are displayed. Error messages are saved to the setup log file.


The path to the folder containing the unattended installation information.

Note the following:

The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) component, required for many monitoring features, is not properly installed when you remotely install ISA Server, using Terminal Services in application server mode. Use Terminal Services in administration mode to properly install MSDE 2000.

The file Msisaund.ini contains the configuration information that can be used by the server setup in unattended mode. It can be found in the FPC\Unattended_Setup_Sample\Standard_Edition\ folder on the ISA Server CD.

The following table describes the entries and values in the configuration files. If a value is not specified in this file, a default value is used.

Entry Description Required or Optional

ADDLOCAL= {MSFirewall_Management}, {MSFirewall_Services},{MSDE},

Specifies a list of components (delimited by commas) that should be installed on the computer. To install all the components, set ADDLOCAL=ALL. Default: ALL



Specifies the name of the company installing the product.



If set to 1, log files on the computer are not deleted. Default: 0.

Optional for uninstalling


If set to 1, cache files on the computer are not deleted. Default: 0.

Optional for uninstalling


Specifies the installation directory for ISA Server. If not specified, it defaults to the first disk drive with enough space. The syntax is:


Default folder: %Program Files%\Microsoft ISA Server.



Specifies the product key. This is the 25-digit number located on the back of the ISA Server CD-ROM case.


REMOVE={MSFirewall_Management}, {MSFirewall_Services},{MSDE}

Specifies a list of components (delimited by commas) that should be removed from the computer. To remove all the components, set REMOVE=ALL.



Specifies whether clients running earlier versions of Firewall Client or an earlier operating system version can connect to this ISA Server array. Possible values: 0 (default) or 1.



Specifies the range of IP addresses in the Internal network.

At least one IP address must be specified, or unattended setup will fail.

The syntax is: N From1-To1,From2-To2, ... FromN-ToN

Where N is the number of ranges, and FromI and ToI are the starting and ending addresses in each range. For example, to add three address ranges: