Currently, all companies need to be able to receive e-mail messages from the Internet. ISA Server 2006 provides a feature to securely publish e-mail resources to the Internet with the use of application layer filters.

ISA Server 2006 has a built-in wizard, called the Mail Server Publishing Rule Wizard, which is designed to assist in the creation of rules required to publish mail and Exchange servers.

Update the following table with information regarding your e-mail infrastructure.

Description Value

List the Internet domains that will be receiving e-mail messages.


For example:

Create an MX record for each domain. An MX record is created on a public DNS server.

MX record for each domain: Yes or No

Specify the FQDN for mail servers on the Internet. The entry is created on a public DNS server.

FQDN: ________________________

For example:

IP address: ___.___.___.___

This IP address needs to be the external IP address of the ISA Server computer.

Specify the IP address of the internal mail server.

IP address: ___.___.___.___

For procedures on how to publish your mail server, see "Using ISA Server with Exchange Server 2003" at the Microsoft TechNet Web site.