Command Line Interface


SOIS can be run on the command-line and from within scripts using its command-line interface. The following options can be specified on the command-line. These options are case-insensitive.





Scans the file specified.  When you want to scan multiple files, specify --file for each file.


Scans the directory specified. When you want to scan multiple directories, specify --dir for each directory.

--help or /h or /?

Displays the usage of the tool


Prevents extraction box from displaying.


Sets path to the AVE definitions folder (default: Picks Location from SEP if it is installed on the machine)


Sets Heuristic (or Bloodhound) level: 0, 1, 2 or 3 (default: 2)


Prints results to the specified log file. Default log filename is <toolname><system-date>.log and default log location is 'My Documents' folder on the machine


Prints debug information to the specified log file (default: no debug log)


Stops further processing if any scan error is encountered (default: FALSE)


Performs silent execution with no output to the console (default: FALSE)


Does not send telemetry information to Symantec (default: FALSE)


SOIS runs in command-line mode (default: FALSE)


User accepts EULA (default: FALSE)


Excludes specified file type (e.g. .mp3)


Scans contents of compressed files (default: TRUE)


Sets the number of levels to expand if there are compressed files within compressed files (default: 3)


Sets the folder for temporary files


Submits diagnostics information (default: FALSE)


Sample Commands:

    SOIS.exe --dir C:\VMimages --avedefs C:\AVdefs --nogui --log C:\Scan.xml

    SOIS.exe --file C:\XPPRO\XP.vmdk -- avedefs C:\AVdefs --nogui --heurLevel 1 --log C:\Scan.xml