Graphical User Interface


SOIS provides a basic user interface for performing tasks, such as scanning and detecting threats in offline VMware disk files.


The following screenshots describe the graphical user interface in detail:






Scan Options

On the settings dialog box you can set various options that affect the way SOIS scans VMDK files. These options are similar to those available in SEP/SAV and allow you to enable/disable features such as BloodHound(TM), specify location of AV definitions, exclude files from being scanned by specifying their extensions, depth to which compressed files are scanned and submitting diagnostic information to Symantec.


Running tool with parameters other than default

All scan sessions of SOIS are independent of each other. SOIS does not persists any information on the target system to be reused later.


Since SOIS does not save any settings for use in future sessions, you can utilize windows standard way to set preferred parameters only once and not each time the tool is run. 


To achieve this, you are required to perform the following steps:

  1. Create a shortcut for the tool
  2. Bring up the properties dialog of the shortcut
  3. In the “Target” field put in all parameters that the user desires to run the tool with
  4. Run the tool using this shortcut.  Then the tool GUI comes up it will have set all parameters as specified in the shortcut target.