After you have configured the scheduled scan, you can schedule when to run it.

To schedule the scheduled scan
  1. In the Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint Administrator Console, click Policy Management, and in Global Settings, click Scan Options.

  2. In the Scan Options pane, in the Scheduled scan section, configure the following settings:

    1. Enable the scheduled scan by selecting Enable schedule. Clearing this check box disables the scheduled scan.

    2. Select a frequency for the scheduled scan job. Select from the following options: Once, Daily, or Weekly.

      If the value is Once (the default), the schedule runs once at the date and time specified. If the value is Daily, the schedule runs every day, starting at the date and time specified (see also the Repeat scan every setting). If the value is Weekly, the schedule runs at the date and time specified and every week thereafter at the same time.

    3. Set the Start date and Start time by doing the following: use the drop-down calendar to select the Start date and then, using the Start time edit box, set the run time.

    4. Optionally, if you have set a frequency of Daily, you can specify a repeat interval. Select the Repeat scan every check box, and then specify a time interval. The minimum time interval you can specify is 0 hours and 15 minutes and the maximum value is 23 hours and 59 minutes (the default).

      The repeat interval causes the schedule to run at the Start date and Start time, and then run again after the specified interval has elapsed, for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the interval resets itself. The schedule runs this way every day at the same time in the same manner.

      As an example: if the schedule is enabled, the frequency is daily, the repeat interval is 05:00 (that is, five hours), and the schedule start is 13:00 on Monday, then the scheduled scan runs every day, every five hours, starting at 13:00. However, after 24 hours, the schedule is reset to run again at 13:00. On the first day, the job runs at these times:

      13:00 on Monday

      18:00 on Monday

      23:00 on Monday

      04:00 on Tuesday

      09:00 on Tuesday

      At that point, adding five hours causes the job to run at 14:00 on Tuesday. Because this is more than 24 hours past the start time of 13:00 on Monday, the job resets itself and next runs at 13:00 on Tuesday (that is, the entire schedule starts again).

  3. Click Save.

To run the scheduled scan immediately
  1. In the FPSP Administrator Console, click Policy Management, and in Antimalware, click Scheduled.

  2. In the Antimalware - Scheduled pane, in the Actions section, click Start Scheduled Scan. This sets the Start time to the current time, thus starting the scan.

To stop a scheduled scan that is running, click Stop Scheduled Scan in the Actions section. Note that you do not need to click Save in order to start or stop a scheduled scan.

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