Forefront TMG supports unlimited network adapters in accordance with hardware limitations.

An adapter may have zero or more addresses. Each address can only belong to one network (be associated with exactly one network adapter). There should be no overlap of address ranges on a network.

When creating or editing a network on your Forefront TMG server, for the following network types, you can specify an IP address range or select a network adapter associated with the network you are configuring:

  • Internal network

  • Perimeter network

  • External network

After adding a network adapter to the network you are creating or editing, it is recommended that you not change or rename the network adapter configured for your server.

IP addresses for network adapters associated with the same network should be identical on each array member.

You can select a network adapter for your network by running the Create a New Network Wizard or editing a selected network.

The list of network adapter settings configured in Windows Server is logged to the Network Adapters tab in the Networking node. You can edit the network adapter settings.

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