In Forefront TMG, you enable access to the Web by creating access rules. When creating a Web access policy for your organization, it is recommended that you do the following:

  1. Use the Web Access Policy wizard to create a basic Web access policy. This basic policy provides anonymous access for internal users to all Web destinations, except for those Web destinations that you select. You can use predefined URL categories to filter out the types of Web destinations you do not want your users to access. You can also designate users or user sets to whom these blocks do not apply. The wizard also allows you to enable protection technologies for Web-based threats.

  2. After completing the Web Access Policy wizard, you can fine-tune the Web access policy by editing the properties of the Web access rules. Among other things, you can force users to authenticate before granting them access to the Web, set up different access rules for different users, control the times when they can access the Web, and what file types they can download.

The following topics describe how to enable and configure Web access in your organization:

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