Using Forefront TMG, you can inspect outbound HTTP traffic for malware (such as, worms, viruses, and spyware). By enabling malware inspection on Web access rules, the Malware Inspection Filter scans Web pages and files that were requested by client computers, and either cleans harmful HTTP content or blocks it from entering the corpnet.

Outbound inspection refers to HTTP requests that originate from clients on networks protected by Forefront TMG.

Malware inspection can be configured on both a global level for all the members of an array, and a per-access rule level. For general information about malware inspection, see Planning to protect against malicious Web content.

Configuring global malware settings

The following topics describe how to configure global malware inspection settings:

Configuring malware settings per rule

For instructions on how to configure malware for individual access rules, see the topic Configuring Web access rule options. Specifically, see:

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