The Forefront TMG administering planning guide is designed to help you plan to administer your Forefront TMG deployment, after it has been installed and configured.

Identifying and mapping your administering goals

The following table is designed to help you identify your Forefront TMG administering goals and map them to the relevant Forefront TMG tasks.

Administering goal For information, see…
  • Monitor Forefront TMG activities and performance.

  • Receive runtime event alerts, both pre-defined system alert and custom alerts.

  • Log information for traffic handled by the Microsoft Firewall service, and by the Web Proxy filter.

  • Generate reports that summarize and analyze log information.

Planning for monitoring and logging

  • Prepare for a disaster.

  • Back up and restore Forefront TMG configuration settings.

  • Back up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.

Planning for backup and restore

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