This topic describes the minimum hardware and software requirements for running Forefront TMG, and Forefront TMG Management.

The hardware requirements for an Enterprise Management Server (EMS) installation are comparable to those for Forefront TMG. EMS requires Windows Server 2008. The software required for EMS is installed by the Forefront TMG Preparation Tool, and includes Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5, and the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Windows role.
Installing Forefront TMG on a domain controller is not supported.


Forefront TMG Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements


64-bit, 1.86 GHz, dual-core processor


4 GB, 800 MHz RAM

Hard drive

2.5 GB available space. This is exclusive of the hard disk space required for caching or for temporarily storing files during malware inspection.

One local hard disk partition that is formatted with the NTFS file system.

Network adapters

One network adapter that is compatible with the computer's operating system, for communication with the Internal network. An additional network adapter for each network connected to the Forefront TMG computer.

Forefront TMG Software Requirements

Software Details

Windows Server 2008

Service Pack 2 is not required.

Windows Roles and Features:

  • Network Policy Server

  • Routing and Remote Access Services

  • Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Tools

  • Network Load Balancing Tools

  • Windows PowerShell

These are installed by the Forefront TMG Preparation Tool.

You can run the Preparation Tool from the Forefront TMG autorun page.

Windows roles and features that are installed during the Forefront TMGinstallation, are not uninstalled when you uninstall Forefront TMG. If required, uninstall them manually after you uninstall Forefront TMGfrom the server.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Windows Web Services API

Windows Update

Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5

  • Services and driver files installed by Forefront TMG are placed in the Forefront TMG installation folder.

  • You can use Forefront TMG on a computer that has only one network adapter. Typically, you would do so when another firewall is located on the edge of the network, connecting your corporate resources to the Internet. In this single-adapter scenario, Forefront TMG typically functions to provide an additional layer of application filtering protection to published servers or to cache content from the Internet.

Forefront TMG Management Hardware and Software Requirements

Description Requirements

Operating System

Windows Server 2008 or

Windows Vista


1 GHz processor



Disk space

40 GB

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