Before installing Forefront TMG, you must run the Preparation Tool to verify that the applications which are required for the successful installation of Forefront TMG are installed on your computer. If you run Forefront TMG without first running the Preparation Tool, the installation of Forefront TMG might fail, if the computer does not include the required applications. These applications are:

If these applications are not already installed on your computer, the Preparation Tool downloads and installs them.

After running the Preparation tool, you must reboot the computer before installing Forefront TMG.

To run the Preparation tool

On the Installation Type page, select the required installation type option:

  • Forefront TMG services and Management.

  • Forefront TMG Management only

  • Enterprise Management Server (EMS) for centralized array management

The Preparation Tool downloads and installs the prerequisite applications, according to the selected Forefront TMG installation type.

On the Preparation Tool’s Preparation Complete page, select Launch Forefront TMG Installation Wizard and then click Finish.

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